Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Team Spirit Abounds!

I don't know if I've experienced anything like our Team Challenge weigh in today! I was impressed and overwhelmed with the participation of our fabulous teams. You exceeded my expectations! The challenge to look like your partner was carried out with talent, creativity and flare! I WILL be posting some pictures of this fun day, watch for them!

As our teams weighed in today with a total of 127 pounds...it brought the grand total up to 784 pounds in 4 weeks!!! You're impressive! You'll see that we are going to post the accumulative % of weight loss each week on the web site...you can see who you need to beat!

I was excited to present the Scissor Award to Team 'Not Yet Ready For Prime Time' at noon with a total of 1.8% of weight loss for the week. At Six, Team 'Smallest Winners' celebrated with 3.0% of weight loss for the week,taking home the Scissor Award and the grand prize for the week...Romance Packages from the Hotel Monaco! Congratulations Heather and Vicki.

General Manager of the Hotel, Craig Thompson, one of our challenge participants, surprised all of the teams with a special rate to stay at the Hotel for the night! Thanks to Craig and Hotel Monaco for their generous gifts this week!

Today we learned more about using pain, instead of pain using us! "Everything we do we do out of our need to seek pleasure or avoid pain." The Challenge for the week is a powerful one.
Write down all the ways that overeating has brought you pain. Link pain to your past behavior.
Write down all the ways that eating healthy brings you pleasure. Link pleasure to your new behavior.
Any area of your life can be drastically changed by using this tool.
We truly, on auto pilot, will avoid pain. If you link enough pain to overeating...you will avoid it!

Let me say again...you are an amazing group of talented, dedicated people. I'm thrilled to watch your progress!

Keep up the great work.

Letha, the one with the tattoo!

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