Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Let the fun begin! The Fall Team Challenge is officially under way! We weighed in 50 teams Tuesday to begin an exciting, challenging 10 weeks. With before pictures being taken and partnership agreements being signed, we are well on our way to the greatest Team Challenge yet! Tuesday marked the opening of our 6th season. I'm already convinced, it will be our best!

At noon, 5 and 6:30 we heard some more creative team names as we weighed our challengers in for the very first time. Matching tee shirts, hats and a couple pair of shades showed the team spirit in the room already. I love it!

As much fun as we had meeting the teams, the seriousness of what we're really here to do was focused on as well. I set a challenge before this group that I've never done stay 100% on the program for the entire 10 weeks! To cut off any other decide, commit and succeed at this Team Challenge in ways they've never done before!

Our focus for the week as we are just getting started was to take that very important first step...the first step to any change is to decide what you want. We often know what we don't want, but rarely take the time to really look at what we do want.

: Decide what you really want. Make a list of what you want in regards to your weight and your health. Bring that list back into the clinic next week for a ticket in the drawing!

For an extra ticket in the drawing... come in and say "I've decided, I'm committed and I am going to succeed."

Every participant received a copy of the CD series yesterday. I'm excited to see some or all of you each Thursday for the next 6 weeks to review and process each week of our personal control guides. Glenda and I will present a 30 minute class Thursdays at noon and 6. I hope to see you there.

It's going to be a great 10 weeks. I can already feel it! Get with your partners this week, make a plan for greatness, cut off any other possibility and we'll see you soon.

Always encouraging you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Letha,
This is Jessie and Jeff - you know, the Lovable Curmudgeon and his Redneck Betty. Thank you for your enthusiasm and energy last night.

So far I am 100% "on program" :-)


PAMM said...

Thank you for hookin' me up with a new partner. Loved the old one. Love the new one. We are ... "Itsy Bitsy Buttsy!"

Winderdoodle said...

I'm so excited about this team challenge, Letha! I've missed the encouragement, energy, and enthusiasm that the challenge brings and I'm so thankful to be part of this experience. Team Gut-LESS is looking forward to having much, much LESS gut very very soon as well as getting to know our other competitors and celebrating along the way.

Let's do this!